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Bistro54 is a nut-free environment.

(V) - Vegetarian. Free of meat, meat-based stocks, seafood or seafood stocks.

(VV) - Vegan. Free of meat, seafood, eggs, milk, butter or stocks containing any of these ingredients.

(GF) - Free of wheat, gluten, products containing gluten.

Please always state GF or Celiac. It makes a difference to preparations.

We use fresh Thai chilies, Calabrian chilies in oil and Calabrian chili pesto to spice up any food that you request "spicy".
Dry chilies are also available by request.

Not all ingredients are listed on every dish. Please inform your server
of any allergies or dietary restrictions.


  • Chicken breast- $8

  • Shrimp -$3 each

  • Side order of Bolognese sauce $9

  • 40gr Parmesan- $4

  • 50ml EVOO- $4

  • Side order of vegetables- $6

  • Side orders of mushroom or baby spinach- $8

  • Substitute pasta for vegetables:

  • - plain $4/tomato $6/cream $8

  • Substitute x vegetables for potatoes - $4

  • Other charges may apply for special requests.

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