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BISTRO 54 is For Sale

Bistro54 Italiano and its stunning heritage building are currently for sale. Please read below to learn more about this incredible investment opportunity. 

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Passing the Torch...

In the heart of Perth, Ontario – one of Canada's oldest and prettiest towns. Located just minutes from the renowned Rideau Lake system and with the Tay River flowing through  the center of town sits this beautiful 3 story stone building built by European stone masons in 1858.  Originally a blacksmiths shop and family residence this structure has seen over a century and a half of families and businesses. 

With no attached adjacent buildings, this robustly built location is one of the oldest free standing  structures of it’s type in Ontario.  Plumbing updated to modern codes. Updated electrical with 200 amp/220volt single meter service  with main panel and two auxiliary panels.  Updated windows. 

Three floors of renovated space totaling 2788 square feet. Also a functional, semi – finished basement  of 1050 square feet containing services, HVAC, fresh pasta production, dry storage and walk-in cooler. 

 Main floor dining room with 32 seats, service bar and open kitchen. Single unisex washroom. Front  facing french doors open to side walk. Hardwood flooring and ceramic tiling throughout. 10 foot  ceilings with tin covering circa 1908. Second floor dining room with 32 seats two washrooms and bar. Hardwood flooring circa 1941 and ceramic tile throughout. 10 foot ceiling with exposed original rough hewn joists and rafters. Euro feel (rented from third party) outdoor dining with 700 square feet of asphalt surfaced, stone  walled alley with LED lighting and music. Easy and close access to kitchen pick up. Seating potential  of 30. 

Complete POS system in all three dining areas. WiFi throughout building. All rooms are cooled with  ductless a/c units. Heating is forced air natural gas. Most walls have been spray foam insulated behind  drywall finishing. 

Third floor living room/office with large bedroom and washroom with washer/dryer/ bath/shower.  Hardwood floor, engineered flooring and ceramic tile throughout. Perfect for the live-on-premises  owner/operator. 

What the Buyer Gets...

A turn key, well maintained and upgraded, solidly established member  of the Perth business and Ontario restaurant communities. A chance to experience the heritage real estate market in an increasingly desired and attractive region  of Ontario. 

Experience the relaxing life style of Perth, Ontario.

Over 8000 seated dinner guests per year without a need to promote or advertise. A proven profitability formula consistently posting retained earnings. 

A historical gem that has stood the test of time and will remain an icon of Perth for decades to come. A chance to showcase your personal dream, culinary skills and commitment to call your own. And of course, a stunning heritage stone building in which to realize that dream. 

What the Seller Gets...

A reward for over 40 years serving the privately owned restaurant  community. A tangible return for an unwavering commitment to keeping healthy and traditional  cooking methods alive and well.  

A chance to spend retirement years in a state of both physical and financial health.  And of course, the asking price... 

This restaurant is currently thriving and will remain as such with or without a sale.  Owners are not looking to sell quickly, they are looking sell to the right people with the right price. To  retire while on top of their careers and reputations. This is truly a turn key success. 

They’ve done the hard part in creating a large and loyal customer base with a successful financial  formula.  

It’s time to hand over the knives, tongs and wine openers to a new generation of successful  restaurateurs. 

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Our History

Bistro54 was conceived and built by a husband and wife team who, after decades in the restaurant business both as employees and owners, decided that Perth was the place to settle and raise a family, build and run a business until retirement. They purchased the property in September of 2004, taking possession in December and opening their doors to the public in June 2005 as Perth’s first and only Italian restaurant. 

They have raised their children within the walls of the business, using the third floor as a home work base with T.V. as baby sitter for their two young children. carrying them asleep to the car for the late night trip home. As the two kids became old enough they began to work both the kitchen and dining room along with their parents who have worked almost every shift since opening day. Today, the kids are grown and off being successful. Parents are entering their retirement years and are proud of the business they have built, it’s province wide reputation, loyal clientele, financial strength and it’s ability to have weathered the COVID crisis with success and profitability. 

Our History
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