Bistro54 Italiano is looking for young energetic kitchen professionals to help plot a culinary direction for the next 7 or more years.

With 10 years behind us and a reputation for excellence from Ottawa to Kingston this tiny 36 seat bistro style, family owned and operated business is looking to take the next step. Dining room renovations begin in the fall of 2014. Many exciting changes and upgrades are planned including extensive use of social media skills.

We are interested in hiring committed, professional career minded cooks who are looking to guarantee that their talents are used, appreciated and rewarded. Persons interested must have a solid and proven work ethic within a busy, motivated kitchen environment.

Available positions enable individual growth and encourage expression of character through culinary skill.

Pasta, bread, desserts, stocks and sauces are all created on site. Knowledge of Italian technique in these areas of food preparation is advantageous.

Candidates must be self driven, calm and responsible. Able to act and react quickly and decisively in a fast paced service environment throughout the tourist season. All meals are created a la minute.

During the off season research and development is encouraged. The kitchen produces three menu editions per year. Employment remains steady throughout the year.

Our kitchen is small, quiet and focused. Quality is our primary concern.

The opportunity for advancement to Chef, or higher, remains available to any individual willing to work towards that goal. Pay rates vary with skill and experience. Monthly salaries are encouraged.

Attention to detail and quality and an uncompromised work ethic have created our reputation. If you have these qualities and are looking for a change of venue or a chance to advance your career, consider Perth Ontario as your next place of employment. The cost of living is very reasonable.  The town is beautiful and the residents are exceptionally nice. We are centrally located making access to Bistro54 nothing more than a short walk for most staff.

For more information please contact us through our website at: or



We look forward to meeting you!